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Scraper Pro Bonus – Britt Phillips

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Scraper Pro – Powerful Lead Generation Software

Why did I decide to align myself and my company with Scraper Pro? Well, for me it has always been about helping people truly succeed and realize their dreams. One of the things until now that has always been a tough challenge is finding a way for the average person to easily generate their own fresh, targeted, niche specifc leads on demand. Until now the options were to deal with unscrupulous lead and list brokers, run expensive ads in newspapers and magtazines, do card decks, do risky and expensive bulk email campaigns, hire someone to do expensive SEO with no result guarantee, spend tons of money on Pay Per Click… and the list goes on and on. However once I found Scraper Pro I realized it is a tool that is powerful enough to generate leads. Simple enough that the average person can easily understand and use it. I also discovered something else. It’s also one of the easiest affiliate sales there is because people are starving for leads. Every business thrives on fresh, targeted leads. And Scraper Pro delivers BIGTIME.

Scraper Pro SoftwareScraper Pro is a revolutionary piece of lead generation software. With Scraper pro you can easily and quickly generate thousands of fresh, highly targeted, niche specific leads every day for FREE!

Imagine for a moment not having to pay someone for leads when you need them. Now you can simply start the Scraper Pro software and enter your search criteria and let this phenomenal tool go to work for you while you do whatever you want. Scraper Pro works tirelessly in the background scraping leads for you off the Internet with laser beam precision.

Want a list of people in a particular MLM company? Done. Want a list of people who have interest in a particular keyword or phrase? Done. Need a specific list of people who are located in a certain area code? Done. There are thousands of combinations you can enter into Scraper Pro!

Scraper Pro is extremely powerful and yet very simple to use. If you’re thinking Scraper Pro is going to be difficult to use don’t waste your time worrying unesscesarily. Scraper Pro is powerful. However it’s also really easy to use. You will be generating fresh, highly targeted leads within a few minutes of installing Scraper Pro. It’s that easy!

Say Goodbye Forever To Lead and List Brokers!Say goodbye to lead and list brokers forever!

With Scraper Pro you no longer have to be a slave to unsrucpulous lead and list brokers. Most lead and list brokers are nothing more than fast talking BS artists who will say anything to get you to buy their tired, worthless, old, worn out leads. These guys will stop at nothing to get you to buy their leads.

They will charge you outrageous prices and promise you the moon in the process. Listen, the last thing you want to do is waste your time, energy and efforts on worthless leads. And you certainly do not want to pay a fortune for them to boot!

Lead and list brokers want to keep you in the dark. They do not want you to ever get your hands on a powerful piece of lead generation software such as Scraper Pro. The reason is very simple. They know that once you see how easy it is for you to generate your own leads, you won’t ever want to spend a penny with them ever again.

Lead and list brokers thrive on ignorance. They love it when a potential list buyer isn’t educated on how the lead and list broker game is played. It makes their agenda so much easier. And never ever think for a second these guys don’t have an agenda because they do. Their agenda is to sell you the most expensive list they can. The goal of most lead and brokers is to convince you they have the perfect leads for you. They will lie to you about the freshness of the list and even how it was generated. They basically go for broke with you because they know chances are really high they will never hear from you again after the sale.

With Scraper Pro sofware you are in total command and complete control. You will never again need to speak with another lead or list broker. The reason is simple.

Generate Fresh, Targeted, Niche Specific Leads For FREE!Scraper Pro Software Bonus

With Scraper Pro you will be able to generate all the leads you can handle and they will be fresh, targeted, niche specific leads.

They will be better than any lead or list broker can generate for you and you never have to worry about where they came from or how they were generated.

You will have total confidence they are well suited for your offer. Think about how much time. energy and effort this will save you and your business. With Scraper Pro you are in charge.

Scraper Pro puts you in charge of your business. With Scraper Pro you decide how many leads you want. You decide what kind of leads you want. You decide where you want the leads to come from. Need generalogy leads? Done. Want keyword or key phrase specific leads? Not a problem. Need geograhic specific leads? Done. With Scraper Pro there unlimited combinations you can enter into the sofware to generate the laser specific leads you are looking for.

How Much Money Can You Generate With Scraper Pro?Scraper Pro Affiliate Income

You only have to apply a little simple logic and basic math to realize Scraper Pro is a very smart investment. For this example I will be incredibly conservative.

Let’s say you scrape and contact 1,000 leads each day. Out of those 1,000 leads only 10 people buy your product. How much money have you made?

Since I don’t know what your offer is I will use a profit of only $50. Again I’m being really conservative. So $50. X 10 equals $500. a day X 30 days equals $15,000. a month.

Of course if your offer has a higher profit margin and / or you sell more than the incredibly low conservative number of 10 out of 1,000 people, well I’m sure you can do the simple math yourself and obviously see the high value of owning the Scraper Pro software.

You Earn $100., $200. or $350.

But there is so much more to it than that because Scraper Pro offers an awesome 1 Up Compensation Plan.The following diagram shows how it works. Pay careful attention to the power lines and how you earn money on every person that is passed up to you automatically. This is extremely powerful.

Scraper Pro Compensation Plan

Imagine earning either $100., $200., or $350. per sale each day. Here’s a hypethetical to show you what could happen once you start offering the Scraper Pro software.

$100. X 30 Days = $3,000. a Month
$200. X 30 Days = $6,000 A Month
$350. X 30 Days – $10,500 A Month

And don’t forget about the amazing 1 Up compensation plan where everyone gives up one. This is incredibly powerful.

The 1 Up compensation plan is a favorite amoung many high income earners for a very simple reason. You earn money based on the efforts of many and your own efforts are multipled exponentially by helping everyone on your team do better.

This is one of many reasons why I’m so personally driven to help as many people succeeed with Scraper Pro as possible.

The more money I help you make, the more money I make. It’s just common sense and simple logic.

You can find much more detail about the Scraper Pro compensation plan by clicking on the Frequently Asked Questions tab above on this page.

Also be sure to click on the Scraper Pro Pverview tab to see the company website. But remember, in order to get all of my Scraper Pro bonuses, you must purchase the Scraper Pro software through my affiliate link.

With Scraper Pro you can offer a powerful yet very simply to use lead generation tool that everyone in business needs. It’s just that simple. And it doesn’t matter what the niche is. Scraper Pro makes it a breeze to generate fresh, targeted, niche specific leads on demand.

With Scraper Pro you can truly write your own ticket in terms of unlimited income. Just think about it. How much money do you think you can earn from a tool that easily generates laser targeted leads on demand for you each day who each can greatly benefit by using Scraper Pro themselves? To me this is a complete no brainer and it’s one of many reasons why Scraper Pro is a big part of my marketing artsenal and also why I believe it should be part of yours.

I don’t really like to brag on myself but I do believe you should understand how and why I am uniquely qualified to help you find true success with Scraper Pro. Make sure you clck on the About Britt tab at the topof this page before you make a decision about Scraper Pro.

To Your Success,

Britt Phillips

Britt Phillips - Scraper Pro Software Bonus


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6 Responses to “Scraper Pro Bonus – Britt Phillips”

Comments (6)
  1. Very nice post.Very helpful for those who,don’t have any idea about it.So I congratulate you for your attempt and I appreciate you for such a nice attempt.
    image backup software

  2. Hi i’m wanting to no what exactley this is im hearing a lot about leads and nothing explaning how the system fully works.

    thanks Sean.

    • Hi Sean,

      Scraper Pro software is a really powerful piece of lead harvesting software that allows you to simply enter your chosen keywords and keyword phrases and it crawls the web looking for sites, blogs, directories etc. which include your chosen criteria and if there are telephone numbers and or email addresses on those targeted pages, the software gathers them for you! You can search with more than 20 resources and search through titles, descriptions and much more. Be sure to click the Scraper Pro Overview tab at the top of this page for more info or give me a call direct with any questions at 804-897-2274.

  3. Greetings,

    I wish to order the Scraper Pro Gold ($297). I can not see anywhere how to purchase this Software.
    I/we need fresh Leads…I purchased from a Lead Broker, very disappointed, I must say. Out of desperation, I googled, Fresh Leads to my Website, a lot came up, but I liked your Videos best.
    I have heard about Scraper Pro Software before, a few days ago, (wrote it down) but don’t know yet how it works…hopefully it comes with easy to understand Instructions how to use.(english is not my language)
    Prosperous Regards,
    God bless!
    Maria Z. Ho

    • Hi Maria,

      It was great speaking with you this afternoon. Your order has been confirmed and your bonuses are packaged and ready to ship!

      It’s almost impossible to purchase really good leads from a lead or list broker in today’s times. You are always much better off generating them yourself. Scraper Pro makes it really fast and easy to generate all the fresh, targeted leads you can handle. You’ve made a very wise decision today.



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